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Your name is David, and you are a crew member on board the Seikatsu VII. The purpose of the Seikatsu VII is to establish a colony on Proxima Centauri B, a habitable planet 4.22 light years away from Earth. Your job as a crew member is to ensure the safe voyage of the Seikatsu VII across interstellar space. However, an unknown event has caused you to lose your memory, which could possibly jeopardize the Seikatsu VII and everyone else on board.

This is a demo of Journey of the Seikatsu VII and does not contain a majority of the story! The purpose of this demo is to allow you to explore the Seikatsu VII at your leisure, get a feel for how Journey of the Seikatsu VII will play, and inform me of any feature, bugs, or updates that need to be addressed! The gameplay is very slow, which reflects the desired pace for the full game. Exploring the entirety of the ship and finding and reading all 5 card logs should take no more than an hour. 

JotSVII ver 0.1.0 includes:

  • 5 Card Logs detailing the lore of the Seikatsu ships hidden throughout the Seikatsu VII, totaling over 3,400 words!
  • All 9 areas of the Seikatsu VII to explore!
  • A variety of objects around the Seikatsu VII that you can interact with to learn more about the ship!

JotSVII ver 0.1.0 controls:

  • WASD or Arrow Keys to move left and right.
  • Space to interact with background objects.
  • Left Mouse Click to pick up cards.

Have fun!


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Windows Version 29 MB
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